What is The Accountability Academy?

Welcome to The Accountability Academy.

The Accountability Academy is the home of online personal training and personal development. By joining the academy you are joining a group of like minded people who are all seeking to better themselves. 


From 1:1 and group personal development and Q&A sessions, The Academy is built to help people take back control of their life. Be that in their fitness and health journey with our in house head of Strength and Conditioning team, or be that with our Founder Dan as he works with you to ensure you are held accountable to making the correct habit changes that will create massive transformations in your personal and professional life. 

The Academy is not a one stop shop, we believe that taking back control is fundamental to creating positive change in your life, and by having the combination of 1:1 strategy sessions and weekly group Accountability sessions this creates the perfect environment to enable you to build the habits that create lasting change.  

The Academy is built to serve it's clients and we believe that by first educating you on the foundations of your physical life, and then working together we can help you make massive change with how you look and feel, and also with how your personal and professional life are going.